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Agri-environment Consultancy and Project Support

Specialising in agri-environment advice, Environmental LandCare can offer a wide range of advice on meeting Cross Compliance requirements whilst making the most of any available agri-environment grant aid.

With over ten years’ experience in providing agri-environment and regulatory advice, we ensure that we keep up to date with the continuing changes in legislation and grant availability, so that we can offer you the most up to date information and service to help you maximise your business.

Advice and project support is primarily available on:

  • Cross Compliance
  • Environmental Stewardship schemes (ELS, OELS, UELS & HLS)
  • NELMs (New Environmental Land Management Scheme for 2015)
  • England Woodland Grant Scheme creation grants (EWGS)
  • Glastir All Wales Element (Approved Farming Connect mentor)
  • Management plans (orchard, pond, scrub, woodland)
  • Catchment Sensitive Farming grants and advice
  • Soil testing
  • Soil protection
  • Phase 1 surveys for farm assurance schemes

We are able to manage your schemes on an advisory and on a practical element – please contact us to discuss this further.


Case Studies

Environmental LandCare has helped to enhance the environmental value of Upper Hollowfields Farm, through helping to carry out the Farm Environment Plan and successfully secure a Higher Level Stewardship scheme that fits in well with the existing farming system... read more